Five Truths About Cosmetic Acupuncture

We live in a time and place that values youth and beauty, sometimes above all else. Billions of dollars are spent annually by both women and men attempting to hold onto that elusive glowing, wrinkle-free look of their youth, which becomes increasingly difficult to do as we age.

Chinese medicine offers up a solution in the form of cosmetic acupuncture, which consists of a series of acupuncture treatments dedicated to improving skin tone and reverse some of the signs of aging. Each treatment involves the insertion of tiny needles into your face, along with a few Minneapolis cosmetic acupuncture clinicpoints on the rest of your body for overall health. A lot has been written about cosmetic acupuncture, sometimes with great exaggeration and misleading information, so here are a few points that should make things clearer.

-Cosmetic acupuncture is not the same thing as a facelift. The results of cosmetic acupuncture have been compared to a facelift, Botox, and fillers, which is just not true. Acupuncture in general is a kinder, gentler form of healing, and the results from cosmetic acupuncture reflects that as well. People who have had a full series of cosmetic acupuncture treatments will notice that their skin tone looks brighter and more even. They may also find their face less puffy, fine wrinkles may be reduced, and deeper wrinkles may look softer. In addition, some patients may notice slight lifting around their jowls and eyes. However, those changes will be subtle; like you’ve had a little something done—not like you’ve had surgery.

-Cosmetic acupuncture is not just about your face. Each treatment combines facial points to stimulate circulation and collagen with acupuncture points on your body, selected to treat your specific health needs. As a result, many patients who have had cosmetic acupuncture have noticed improvements in their overall health, too. Patients have described sleeping better, improved digestion, and fewer hot flashes—just from undergoing cosmetic acupuncture. This is a good thing, as your good health is reflected in your skin.

-Cosmetic acupuncture is more than just an anti-aging treatment. Many patients have seen skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema improve after undergoing cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

-You don’t need to choose between cosmetic acupuncture and aesthetic services—if fact you will get better results if you combine services such as facials, light therapy, and peels with cosmetic acupuncture. Your acupuncturist and aesthetician are on the same page, which is to give you the best results possible!

-You don’t need to suffer to beautiful. The bottom line is that while placing needles in your face may pinch a bit, it’s not considered by most patients to be painful. Instead, they will tell you that a cosmetic acupuncture session is actually incredibly relaxing, as acupuncture increases the production of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in your brain. The result is that from the time you’re on the table, for hours, and sometimes several days after your treatment you will feel mellow, rested, and less stressed. And it will show on your face.

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