Why Your Acupuncturist Feels Your Pulse

If you’ve ever been to an acupuncture clinic, chances are your acupuncturist felt the pulse on your wrist as part of their exam. In Western medicine, your doctor or nurse feels your pulse to determine it’s rate. However, in Chinese medicine, pulse diagnosis is far more complicated.

In Chinese medicine, the quality of your . . . → Read More: Why Your Acupuncturist Feels Your Pulse

How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will I Need?

You’re ready to give acupuncture a try and want to find out a little more about what’s involved.  One of the most frequent questions first-timers ask is how many treatments it will  take to get better.

This is a good question.  It’s a fair question, and you deserve an answer.  Unfortunately any practitioner who gives . . . → Read More: How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will I Need?

Acupuncture for Dizziness

If you have ever suffered from dizziness, you know how profoundly it can affect your life. Whether from Meniere’s disease, auditory nerve damage, high or low blood pressure, or an inner ear infection, severe dizziness can leave you pinned to one spot due to a fear of falling or aggravating your symptoms.

While a . . . → Read More: Acupuncture for Dizziness

Your Emotions, Digestion, and Acupuncture

Have you ever heard people talk about having butterflies in their stomach, a gut feeling, a nervous stomach, or a visceral reaction? Of course you have. We use these terms because we intuitively know that our emotions are very closely tied to our digestion.

One of the most common conditions that we see in . . . → Read More: Your Emotions, Digestion, and Acupuncture

Is Stress Causing Your Weight Gain?

There was an article in my local paper last week about the relationship between stress and weight gain.  The gist of the article was that during the current economic crisis many people who are stressed about their financial situation turn to food as a way to cope.

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Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

A few years ago, I was walking with a friend around one of the city lakes that has made Minneapolis famous. My friend was from out of town and during our walk, he lit up a cigarette.  We kept walking and talking, but very shortly after lighting up, my friend put out his cigarette . . . → Read More: Quit Smoking with Acupuncture