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Acupuncture in the Park


Happier, calmer, and more able to deal with life…Thank you Lynn,  for helping my daughter.  I see a tremendous improvement in her.  She used to be very intolerant and irritable and that has subsided greatly.  One year ago, she was hurting herself, depressed, and having angry outbursts.  After receiving your acupuncture treatments this summer, she is happier, calmer and much more able to deal with life in general as a 15 year old.  She has much more self-confidence and has accomplished a lot this summer.  I so much appreciate your skills, talents and the care and kindness you have given to her.  Just having someone understand what is going on inside has been very important to her.  THANK YOU!!

Mother of a 15 year old patient

Do not put it off any longer…I too would like to add a success story. I lived with pain and discomfort for a long time. I had one treatment and was almost cured.  I came in for one more session and have never felt better. If you have ever thought of having acupuncture, think no more–go get it done. The staff will just 100% put you at ease, NO PAIN whatsoever, and you will be so glad you did. It only takes an hour or less. Do not put it off any longer.

Pete, age 54

I felt like a new person…I was diagnosed with moderate to severe depression by my family physician. I didn’t want to take medication for it, so I tried acuuncture with Lynn Jaffee. After four weeks I felt like a new person. It has taken away the lows and helps keep my emotions in balance.

Rebecca, age 37

I am so happy…I am so happy Shelley Conn at Acupuncture in the Park came into my life. Trigeminal Neuralgia has been a painful problem for a number of years…Acupuncture has become my health care treatment and an excellent choice.

Kathleen, age 78

Acupuncture has helped me in all areas of my life…Since I have been coming to see Lynn, I no longer rely on my bag of medicine that I once needed. The pain in my arm that brought me to her is gone, and I lost almost two inches off my waist. I feel acupuncture has helped me in all areas of my life. I truly love Lynn and the integrity she brings into her practice.

Julie, age 43

So much relief…Acupuncture works and is still working for me, so I strongly suggest that it might work for others who suffer constant or periodic pain… Shelley’s treatment has given me so much relief! I heartily endorse her therapy for this kind of chronic pain. Walt, age 65

I appreciate your knowledge, professionalism, and gentleness…I want to follow-up my recent series of facial acupuncture sessions with a big Thank You! I look and feel terrific. What an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin. The color and texture are smoother, fine lines have diminished, and I really see an overall “lift” in my face. The acupuncture treatment really made a difference! I appreciate your knowledge, professionalism, and gentleness. Thank you, Lynn, for a wonderful experience and my “new” look.

Linda, age 45

I feel absolutely marvelous!…Who knew getting needles in my face would make me feel so darn good! A friend recommended Shelley for a pain in my stomach as well as for a little facial rejuvenation…After a session with Shelley, not only do I not need make-up because of the glow it gives me, I feel absolutely marvelous! And you CAN tell that I have been uplifted! Physically and mentally I feel terrific! As a treat to myself, I try to get a little “facelift” each month now. Thank you, Shelley.

Kathy, age 46

I would recommend cosmetic acupuncture for anyone…I was concerned about looking older as I approached 50, however invasive injections and surgery did not appeal to me. Cosmetic acupuncture was the answer with a protocol that was far less painful than I expected and actually relaxing! It was great to feel the energy moving through my face. After about my fifth treatment I noticed a smoother skin surface and improved color and tone, which gradually improved with each additional treatment. Lynn also worked with me to reduce hot flashes I was experiencing at the time…again, naturally. I would recommend cosmetic acupuncture for anyone that wants a natural alternative to improving the condition and look of their skin without potentially harmful side effects or drastic surgery or treatments.

Mari, age 51

Immediately put me at ease…What especially amazed me about cosmetic acupuncture was that not only did I look better, I also felt a lot better–more balanced, less moody. I had looked into having a surgical eye lift, but I felt uneasy about the recovery process. With cosmetic acupuncture, there is no recovery, because it’s non-invasive. Having been to some Eastern acupuncturists who are rather abrupt, Shelley was not only gentle but she explained the importance and relevance of each energy point in the process.

Linda, age 51

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