Upper Back and Shoulder Pain and Our Evolving Bodies

acupuncture for back pain

About a month ago I attended an acupuncture symposium, at which the keynote speaker talked about treating musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Early on in his presentation he made the remark that the bodies he treated thirty years ago are very different from those he treats today.

It took a minute for me to understand . . . → Read More: Upper Back and Shoulder Pain and Our Evolving Bodies

The Health Benefits of Tea

Chinese medicine and the health benefits of tea

Drinking tea is something I associate with good memories and comfort. I love to think about sipping a cup of tea on a friend’s deck at the base of the Rockies, savoring the view and catching up on life. There are also memories of times camped somewhere in the desert, when I  crawled out of . . . → Read More: The Health Benefits of Tea

The Healing Power of Pets

Acupuncture Minneapolis

More than once a patient has brought their pet into my acupuncture clinic for a visit (not a treatment). I have had visitors in the form of pocket-sized dogs, spaniels and bulldogs, and even a bird (no cats to date, though). I grew up with lots of animals–from turtles and gerbils to cats, dogs, . . . → Read More: The Healing Power of Pets

A Reason to Cook Your Vegetables

Acupuncture for better digestion

Dear Acupuncture in the Park,

Whenever I read anything about Chinese medicine and dietary therapy, it says to quit eating raw vegetables and fruits. Is that true?

Bugs Bunny


Dear Bugs,

It’s true that avoiding a lot of raw foods is an important component of Chinese dietary therapy, but let us explain. Raw . . . → Read More: A Reason to Cook Your Vegetables

Seven Things to Know About Spring and Your Chinese Liver

Seven things to know about your Chinese Liver

As a practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I can see the impact that the weather and seasons have on my patients’ health. This winter was a tough one for everyone. Here in Minnesota, it was just too cold to go outdoors and enjoy the usual winter activities, so people who usually breeze through . . . → Read More: Seven Things to Know About Spring and Your Chinese Liver

Acupuncture for Athletes

Acupuncture to Boost Athletic Performance

Many years ago, a patient came to me for acupuncture to see if I could help him with his case of the Yips.  While this may sound like a funky skin condition, having the Yips is actually a golf term.  It’s when the golfer jumps, jerks, or pulls up just prior to putting the . . . → Read More: Acupuncture for Athletes

Tips for Fighting Off the Common Cold

Chinese medicine for the common cold

It’s going around right now; most people just call it the crud. It’s a particularly contagious upper respiratory infection–or maybe it’s the flu. Either way, it starts with a really sore throat, then your nose starts running like a faucet, and finally this alien being settles in your chest for about three weeks causing . . . → Read More: Tips for Fighting Off the Common Cold

Seven Tips for Better Sleep

Acupuncture for sleeplessness

If you struggle with sleeplessness, you’re not alone. Most people have insomnia of one kind or another at some point in their lives. The inability to sleep may take the form of a racing mind when you first go to bed, early waking, restless sleep, or being awake the entire night.

How insomnia is . . . → Read More: Seven Tips for Better Sleep

Acupuncture and Lung Health

Healing Your Lungs with Chinese Medicine

Lately, we’ve been seeing a number of patients here at Acupuncture in the Park who have been struggling with lung issues. Beyond seeing lots of patients with seasonal allergies this hay fever season, we’ve also seen people suffering from pneumonia, pleurisy, and even pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs). While acupuncture shouldn’t be . . . → Read More: Acupuncture and Lung Health

Garden Party

Acupuncture for back pain

One of the things I like best about summer is going out into my garden and picking my dinner. Right now I have lettuce, tomatoes, heads of cabbage, peppers, arugula, and some fine looking basil plants all just waiting for me to decide what to pluck and eat. In addition, my flower gardens are . . . → Read More: Garden Party!