Cloudy With a Chance of Aches and Pains

Weather, health, and Chinese medicine

I love the early days of autumn! It’s still hot during the daytime, but the nights are beginning to cool off. The oppressive humidity of July and early August is gone, and in its place are dry, sharp days with a deep blue sky and nights with a cool edge that is perfect for . . . → Read More: Cloudy With a Chance of Aches and Pains

A Body in Motion: Chinese Medicine and Exercise

Exercise and Flow in Chinese Medicine

I grew up in a swimming pool. My Dad was a swimmer both in college and during World War II, and he expected us kids to be swimmers, too. I remember every summer weekday practicing at the local swim club, come rain or shine. Saturday mornings were devoted to meets to test our skills . . . → Read More: A Body in Motion: Chinese Medicine and Exercise

Ears, Hearing, and Chinese Medicine

Minneapolis acupuncture clinic for ear health

About a week ago, I caught a head cold. It was the kind of cold where my nose ran continually, to the point that I felt like I was losing brain matter. Then for a couple of days my right ear plugged up, making everything sound like my head was trapped in a tin. . . . → Read More: Hearing, Tinnitus, and Chinese Medicine

Five Truths About Cosmetic Acupuncture

Minneapolis cosmetic acupuncture clinic

We live in a time and place that values youth and beauty, sometimes above all else. Billions of dollars are spent annually by both women and men attempting to hold onto that elusive glowing, wrinkle-free look of their youth, which becomes increasingly difficult to do as we age.

Chinese medicine offers up a solution . . . → Read More: Five Truths About Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dry Skin Solutions

Minneapolis acupuncture clinic

I love being an acupuncturist, except for one thing. Every fall and throughout the winter, my hands dry out from all the washing in between patients. It’s only October, and already my hands are chapped. They catch on everything I touch, and no amount of lotions seems to rehydrate my skin completely. Furthermore, when . . . → Read More: Dry Skin Solutions

Rx for Fall Allergies

Acupuncture clinic Minneapolis

When I was a kid, allergies were something that was not on my radar. I grew up in a large family, and one of my sisters seemed to suffer for all the rest of us. She walked around the house with red eyes, a stuffy nose, and a tissue in hand. I know she . . . → Read More: Rx for Fall Allergies

Chinese Food Therapy at the Farmers Market

Minneapolis Acupuncture Clinc

I love going to the farmers market! I’ve been to some fabulous farmers markets all over the world including Melbourne, Australia; Florence, Italy; and one in an ancient city center outside of Rouen, France. Here in the United States, I’ve managed to hit some outstanding markets, from Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, to Boulder’s . . . → Read More: Chinese Food Therapy at the Farmers Market

Upper Back and Shoulder Pain and Our Evolving Bodies

acupuncture for back pain

About a month ago I attended an acupuncture symposium, at which the keynote speaker talked about treating musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Early on in his presentation he made the remark that the bodies he treated thirty years ago are very different from those he treats today.

It took a minute for me to understand . . . → Read More: Upper Back and Shoulder Pain and Our Evolving Bodies

The Health Benefits of Tea

Chinese medicine and the health benefits of tea

Drinking tea is something I associate with good memories and comfort. I love to think about sipping a cup of tea on a friend’s deck at the base of the Rockies, savoring the view and catching up on life. There are also memories of times camped somewhere in the desert, when I  crawled out of . . . → Read More: The Health Benefits of Tea

The Healing Power of Pets

Acupuncture Minneapolis

More than once a patient has brought their pet into my acupuncture clinic for a visit (not a treatment). I have had visitors in the form of pocket-sized dogs, spaniels and bulldogs, and even a bird (no cats to date, though). I grew up with lots of animals–from turtles and gerbils to cats, dogs, . . . → Read More: The Healing Power of Pets